Q & A

For most couples, this is their first time planning a wedding. They may have helped a close friend or family member in the past, but planning your own wedding is a whole new ballgame. Here are some questions we frequently get from couples starting their planning process.

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Why hire a coordinator? My venue already has one.

Its important to know the difference between a Venue Coordinator, and a Wedding Coordinator.

Duties of a Venue Coordinator:

  • Give you a tour of the venue
  • Book your event
  • Act as point of contact person between you and the venue
  • Ensure basic setup of chairs and tables (should your venue provide these)
  • Ensure onsite food an drink are served properly (should your venue provide these)
  • Ensure that no damage is done to the venue

What your Venue Coordinator does not do:

  • Does not set up your personal decor
  • Does not set up your guest book display, dessert display etc.
  • Does not stay until the end of your event
  • May not be available for questions on the day of your event
  • Does not communicate with vendors to ensure prompt arrival, proper delivery, or setup.
  • Does not wrangle Bridal party
  • Does not direct ceremony
  • Does not manage your timeline
  • Does not oversee breakdown and return of personal items


Can't I just have a family friend help coordinate?

Yes, having a family friend help on the day of your wedding might save you some money. But there are also some serious draw backs:

  • They've never done this before. Yes they might be your most OCD organized friend. But what happens when the wrong table clothes arrive at the venue in the morning or the caterer is late?
  • Coordinators are referees. Weddings=Drama. There's no way of getting around that. Whether your Bridesmaids are bickering, or your In Laws are being way too opinionated, someone needs to set them straight. For a coordinator, it's not personal, it's business. We work for YOU. That means we'll work our magic to diffuse all issues so that you can enjoy your day stress free.
  • Coordinators are decision makers. Sometimes decisions need to be made and they need to be made fast. Your coordinator should always have a back up plan.
  • Coordinators are babysitters. Lost a Groomsman right before pictures are suppose to begin? Someone getting a little too tipsy at the bar and started singing karaoke? You need someone who's not afraid to step up to the plate and get these shenanigans under control.
  • Your family and friends want to ENJOY your day with you. Coordination is not for the faint of heart. Let your guests be guests. Leave the heavy lifting to us. 

Can't I cut costs by having a friend do my flowers?

Flowers can eat up a significant amount of your wedding budget. But there are ways around that. Could you rethink your vision, perhaps going with a simpler design? Are your dream flowers in season, or are they hard to come by this time of year? There are ways to cut your costs significantly, without sacrificing quality. 

Hiring a professional ensures that your flowers will not only be gorgeous, but they will be there on time! Family and friends might mean well, but they are also guests at your wedding, meaning that their priorities that day are split. You need someone who is 100% focused on getting the job done.